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In a nutshell

It's difficult keeping up with developments in technology!
We don't want to create even more confusion, so here is what we can do for your a nutshell.
1. We understand the "cloud"
We will help you understand too and guide you on the pros and cons of various leading cloud services providers.
2. Cloud services
A modern, secure way to manage your data-servers, software applications, firewalls - actually everything you host in your premises can now be hosted on an infrastructure, similar to the one you may already have, onsite to the 'cloud' - a secure environment which is fully managed and supported by experts.
3. Software application development
You may already use applications such as a payroll application; document editor; graphic/slideshow apps; and perhaps a people-management application with integrated calendars, annual leave, appraisals and task managers. All these components can either be integrated by our software development experts or we can suggest more productive ways to manage business operations by developing one software application that can do all.
4. Security
Many organisations have concerns with moving to the cloud - we can help you understand the powerful security infrastructure Microsoft Azure offers and how your data will be kept safe.
5. We will sit with you, understand your requirements and expectations; propose the best-fit solution keeping in mind your constraints of time and money; obtain your approval and deploy the solution on Microsoft's cloud infrastructure.
We promise to make things simple and keep costs down.
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