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3 key benefits of using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform

Microsoft Azure is a popular public cloud computing platform by Microsoft. Designed for hosting, managing and developing applications off-site, it provides reliable and secure cloud solutions to businesses. Having been built on Windows, Azure makes it easier for organizations to write and develop applications as they use the same programming languages that are used for Windows.

The cloud platform offers more than 200 products and cloud services including compute, analytics, storage and networking. Hence it makes everybody’s experience better as users can pick and choose from an array of on-premise cloud services, existing tools and processes based on their requirements.

Below are the benefits of using Azure cloud services for storing data objects.

Solve business challenges - Microsoft Azure cloud platform streamlines app development workflows, aligns with your day-to-day needs and is fully scalable. Thus it helps solve businesses challenges in an easy and efficient manner. As it offers an array of integrated cloud solutions and tools, it is innately flexible. Businesses can choose their preferred tools and technologies based on their long term goals.

Supports multiple programming languages - Azure supports a range of application programming languages, including Java, Node Js, and C#. Using the platform, you can build the web and cloud applications you need in your favorite programming languages.

Strengthens security - If you are looking for scalable secure cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure Cloud is the choice! As it employs advanced security technologies to protect your data, you can be assured that all your cloud workloads and your data is safely protected. Having in-built tools like Threat Intelligence, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection, it helps you see and stop threats before they harm your data.

At Carbon C6, we provide a holistic set of cloud services. Being a leading cloud services provider, we can help you leverage the ever-expanding power of Azure Cloud and assist with managing and configuring your Azure environment.

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