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Azure infrastructure - its security benefits

Customers say that securing data center infrastructure would require significant amount of resources as well as investment. With the overall challenges of the recruitment of security experts for maintaining secure infrastructure, there is no clear return on the overall investment. To maintain pace in the ever-shifting security landscape, it is crucial that they are capable of securing the respective infrastructure while lowering the overall costs as well as reducing complexity. Azure has been capable of uniquely positioning itself when it comes to helping with the given set of challenges.

Microsoft Azure helps in providing a secure foundation across the operational, physical, and infrastructural security. There are some additional security benefits of the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that you should know about. Here are some:

#Secure Foundation of Azure

Microsoft is renowned for investing over a billion dollars every year in the field of improving cybersecurity – including in its Microsoft’s Azure platform. This allows the users or businesses to ensure the allocation of the respective IT budget as well as resources towards major initiatives that might be critical to the business.

With the secure foundation of Azure, you get access to over 3500 cybersecurity professionals who work together across the domains of digital teams, Cyber Defense Operations Center, and other departments for protecting, detecting, and responding to threats in real time.

For ensuring advanced physical security, Azure features a wide number of data centers in across 50 regions. The regions tend to feature in-depth multi-layered protection for ensuring that unauthorized access is not able to gain information about customer data.

The field of cloud security in Azure features advanced forms of physical controls and assistance from Microsoft’s cybersecurity experts. Azure’s computing infrastructure is designed on customized hardware with top-class security controls that are integrated into the respective firmware and hardware components.

#Built-in Security Controls of Azure

Even with the presence of the security foundation by Azure, security still turns out to be a joint venture between Microsoft and its end customers. Azure features built-in security controls for helping users ensure protection across network, data, and identification with aspects like security management & threat protection.

#Unique Intelligence of Azure

In the era of evolving security threats, the overall size of the security threat dataset tends to be increasing as well as changing. The Microsoft Intelligence Security systems helps in bringing together signals from a wide number of Microsoft products – including data from over 450 billion authentications happening every month along with one billion devices and 4 billion emails. This helps in providing you the intelligence needed to ensure protection from the evolving threats.

Moreover, the feature of threat protection by Azure Security Centers helps the users in detecting and mitigating threats with the help of security alert dashboards. This is achieved by combining the advanced Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph with concepts like visualizations and machine learning for helping the users understand some of the most complex issues.


As an individual or business, you can consider using Microsoft Azure for your applications and services for leverage of the overall benefits of its wide spectrum of security capabilities and tools.

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